Net.Ware Indepentrendent

Our Song Plastic will be released on the Net.Ware Indepentrendent Compilation 18 (16. November 2015)

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01 (Dos Asmund)  The Hand
02 (Dharmata 101)  We Are Rhythm
03 (A:Fact) Plastic
04 (Root4) Speed It Up
05 (An.Shar.Gal) Out of Matrix
06 (GunMaker) Love Me (Sunao Inami Remix)
07 (Bathead)  Buy and Consume
08 (Nemesis21) Battleships V1.0
09 (Altmark Electros) Altmark Electros
10 (Elite!) Der Bomberpilot (Equitant Remix)
11 (Equitant) Body Vehement (E-Arc Version)
12 (Pantser Fabriek) Nothing
13 (Binary Division) Lone Circuits (E-Arc Edit)
14 (Clicker) Another Day
15 (Finkseye) End Theme

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Net.Ware Indepentrendent
International electro music compilation
CD Nr.: 1001045
EAN Code 4001617074046
Genre: Electro
Subgenre: Electronic, EBM, industrial dance
Release date: November, 2015

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