November 2016

a:fact – millennium bug album

We are pleased to finally release a free copy of our debut album „millennium bug“ from 1999. You can download the album for free in any format that fits for your player, only your email address needed for the download link and you`ll get future informed about new releases.

Wir freuen uns Euch unser debut Album […]

Juli 2016

A:FACT – photographic

photographic by A:FACT

This release is finally our tribute to a Depeche Mode songs that followed us since our youth. You can download it for free (click on the buy button and enter 0,00$ and your email address)

Diese Veröffentlichung ist endlich unser Tribut an einen Depeche Mode Song der uns schon seit der der Jugend begeistert. Du […]

Oktober 2015

A:Fact – Plastic on Net.Ware Indepentrendent Compilation

Our Song Plastic will be released on the Net.Ware Indepentrendent Compilation 18 (16. November 2015)


01 (Dos Asmund)  The Hand
02 (Dharmata 101)  We Are Rhythm
03 (A:Fact) Plastic
04 (Root4) Speed It Up
05 (An.Shar.Gal) Out of Matrix
06 (GunMaker) Love Me (Sunao Inami Remix)
07 (Bathead)  Buy and Consume
08 (Nemesis21) Battleships V1.0
09 (Altmark Electros) Altmark Electros
10 (Elite!) Der Bomberpilot (Equitant […]

September 2015

A:FACT arbeitet an neuen Songs – working on new songs

Die Gründer Matthias und Chris treffen sich seit Mitte 2015 wieder regelmäßig um an neuem Material für A:FACT zu arbeiten. Kollaborationen mit anderen Musikern spielen dabei eine wichtige Rolle.
Unter Media findet man die bisher veröffentlichten Songs.

(english version)

Since the middle of 2015 the founder Matthias and Chris meet together for sessions to compose new stuff for A:FACT. Collaborations with other […]

August 2015

MG – Featherlight remix

Our tribute out of over 300 remixes to Martin Gores Ambient project remix contest.

Juli 2015

Song A:FACT – Plastic released – veröffentlicht

Veröffentlicht am 01.07.2015

New single release: A:FACT – plastic

► iTunes –
► Amazon MP3 –
► Spotify –
► Bandcamp (WAV + FLAC) –


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